Individuals Companies

Searching for a qualitative catering?

We will take care of your catering with eat occasions and drink occasions.

From medium to large festivals, etc. With our installation we are able to serve a catering for 40 000 persons a day! We also take care of your private party´s (for communion, wedding, ...)

We also can be a partner in a VIP catering up to 1000 persons a day (we make a exclusive party for your company (opening, festivals, barbecue, ...).

We have our own refrigerator- truck to guarantee a fast dispatching.

Extent possibilities

Public catering ( fries, hamburgers, hotdogs, and so much more) VIP catering (barbecue, buffet dinner, ...).

Large capacity

With our infrastructure and employees, we can serve you a catering to 40 000 persons a day! (VIP catering up to 1000 persons a day)!

Exclusive quality

The products that we use are carefully selected. So we choose for example a top beer of Germany as Bitburger (known as Bitte ein Bit).

All our sales point have the HACCP standards.